Posted by: khailee | January 24, 2010

The YouthSays blog is on

Wow this blog is super old! The current one is one chekkidout!

Posted by: Seeker | April 23, 2008

Youth Council Chats On Love

I was going through the topics on YouthCouncil and was just taking a look at what was the most commented on topic. So far the topics that are on going are

  1. Have a BLOG?
  2. Youth Entrepreneurship and Business Forum
  3. FOOTBALL! Who is going to win the EPL?
  4. Local Celebrities
  5. Love, Romance, Dating and Relationships
  6. POLITICS! Pak Lah vs Dr. M
  7. YouthSays Members Lounge
  8. Youth Survey Idea Bank: We want your brains!
  9. Hello there! Welcome to YouthSays.

Interesting stuff eh?? 😛 Right now the stats for the most commented topics goes to the ‘Hello there! Welcome to YouthSays’ with is basically the place where you say all your hellos and intro yourself to everyone.

But out of all the interesting/controversial topics going on I found that ‘Love, Romance, Dating and Relationships’ has over 160 over comments….. whoa.. Oh an everytime you go into comment you’ll see the stats of what are people’s relationship status.

I am so glad to actually see that – while there are some who like dating more than one person – a good number of the stats shows our youngens’ actually like being attached and LOYAL! Yes I’m terribly bias.. sue me.

It’s not entirely surprising though that this topic is the hottest, cause it does strike chords with each individual person. Going through the thread right now it feels like a very long TV Series drama. But that said there are number of youths who have a heart and are willing to share their fears on the topic of love. Like sweet YvonneChai who doesn’t really believe in love, is given shoulders to cry on by Jade (whom I shall say is very very active on most of the threads on Youth Council – keep it up babes).

A quote by MissPanda: “love like u’ve nvr been hurt.”

Broken Heart By Starry Eyekid

I think that is sweet and in some sense does ring a bit with unconditional love. Like how you know, even if someone hurts you, it doesn’t matter because you still love the person anyway. If you always harber the fact that you will never love because of a bad relationship then how can one ever find love….. I’m ranting.. somewhat.

I personally enjoy how everyone is helping one another out with relationship issues in their life. Sometimes while maybe we have friends, but we’d like to hear a different point of view. Besides the threads are a great way to make friends 🙂

But don’t discuss everything here with me, go to YouthCouncil and see what other people are saying.

Posted by: Seeker | April 19, 2008

Invasion of YouthSays by….


The space of Youthsays blog is now under my command!!! Mine!! All mine!!

Ok that was too whacked up even for me. 🙂

Hey peeps, Linora here or Aronil (as I have nicely claimed as my online pseudonym).

Since the big boys, Joel and Khailee are busy hunting for new ways to serve you better on, I shall be your residential blogger from now on. Meaning I’ll be keeping you guys posted on the latest happenings, events and what not for the Youthsays community.

For the time being this shall be the new blog home of Youthsays on WordPress (which I absolutely adore) till we can find another home for the official blog of this community. That’s still in the works, but will keep you posted when the new one will be up.

In the meantime, head on to and check out the place. Till then 🙂

Posted by: khailee | April 8, 2008

Zipping up a new pair of pants

This is not Khailee or Joel. If it were, the bulge would be elsewhere.

Do you remember, when you were much younger, and perhaps you haven’t got around to wearing underwear yet… your zipper was the most dangerous thing? (Okay maybe if you’re a girl, this is not a big problem.)

You see, we’ve signed up about 1,000+ users before the app even launched. And migrating all those people into the new YouthSays app is like zipping up a new pair of pants, we have to zip carefully.

If you’re one of the smart, intelligent, and beautiful people who signed up earlier, you’ll get an email from us in the next few days. And when you do get the fated email, open it with love, and dive into the app like the wild animal you are.

However, if you come across a snag, don’t get pissed (pun!), just email support at youthsays dot com and someone will set you free. We promise.

P.S ~ The photo is not Khailee or Joel. If it were, the bulge would be elsewhere.
P.P.S ~ Apologies in advance for the male-centric metaphor. In the next post I’ll try to be less discriminating.

Posted by: khailee | April 5, 2008 is now live with the full app.

Lookin good.

Though Joel and I are not the first users. When Kamal rolled out the app live, some other dudes beat us to is. haha

Anyways, sign up and tell us what you think!

Posted by: khailee | April 4, 2008

This is sort of the beginning…

It’s almost 5am now… we’ve been working since 3pm.

See Joel pounding away on the bed.


Pounding away on his laptop, I mean.
And then there’s me… doing what young men do in the wee hours of the morning on a computer…


Launching new businesses! Muahahar.

We’re referring to of course.

Because of some last minute bugs, we couldn’t get it launched 😦

I was really hoping to get it rolled out, sigh.

Tomorrow is another day of working at it.

Special thanks to Kamal, our hardworking programmer, for staying up with us. I don’t have a picture of him, because he’s somewhere in Seremban.

And me, I’m halfway in dreamland. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz